09:59:31 Unable to set Cell Caching using SQLite3 method, reverting to memory
09:59:31 Create new PHPExcel object
09:59:31 Set properties
09:59:31 Add data
09:59:31 Hide 'Phone' and 'fax' columns
09:59:31 Set outline levels
09:59:31 Freeze panes
09:59:31 Rows to repeat at top
09:59:33 Write to Excel2007 format
09:59:36 File written to 06largescale-with-cellcaching-sqlite3.xlsx
Call time to write Workbook was 2.9655 seconds
09:59:36 Current memory usage: 73.25 MB
09:59:36 Peak memory usage: 77.5 MB
09:59:36 Done writing file
File has been created in /home/rciioko/public_html/quality-of-education/noko/the-results-of-noko/oo/PHPExcel_1.8.0_doc/Examples